The door bells

The door bells

Today was labor day. I broke my daily routine and slept till 0730. I packed some fruit and prepared some sandwiches. I headed out to the mountains. I had an old friend of mine to keep me company. It’s been so long since I’ve done a good hike. We passed by a few rustici (stony old Ticinese houses) on our way up. I stopped to capture interesting objects people leave outside their houses. It’s interesting to see how many people leave a little of themselves in the things they choose to decorate their own space. The little buckets for example, caught my attention. I know they’re there to act as a door bell, but why the detail and the care to make them look beautiful? „Why not just a bell?“ I thought to myself.

Today was just beautiful. I felt happy. I realized how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by spectacular mountains, lakes, and good company. I returned home around 13:00 as I expected visitors. We couldn’t help but make figures out of paper. This sort of thing only happens when two painters meet for coffee…I think? We gave life to a mouse/cat/bunny (we couldn’t decide what that was!), two frogs, and a small boat. Meeting with friends is great fun, but I can’t wait till tomorrow. Something tells me I might…just might, finish my new painting!

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