The toymaker: a painting about God, gender, or just creation?

Toy maker

I love art, and when say that, I don’t only mean I love creating it.  I also love to come into contact with fellow artists and their work.

I saw the “toymaker” a year or so after meeting Ronnie Matthey, the painter.  The work of this overly enthusiastic, easy going artist caught my attention that weekend of the New artist fair, in the city of London.  Her work then, reminded me of those of Edgar Degas; they were very French influenced and with many ballet objects.

However, the “toymaker” is one of the many new symbolistic and intriguing works Ronnie has been working on since the day I last saw her.

There are many interesting pieces in her collection but the “toymaker,” in particular, appeals to me greatly because at first glance, it depicts its title perfectly:  a toymaker making his toys.  Yet, looking closely, the irony of a wooden toymaker making real-like toys makes the viewer ponder about creation.  Who is creating who and what, and is the painting at all, about the characters we see, or do we look beyond them?  Could the painter be questioning, instead, inequality issues between the sexes.  After all, the toy is female and the creator, male.  Or could this painting may be representing a contemporary interpretation of our own origins, the creation of Eve?

I tend to believe the toymaker questions creation more than who is creating who or why.  After all, who can say for certain, we aren’t all wooden guided puppets?

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