New faces

I am sure there are numbers of reasons why it is good to have plenty of people like your facebook page, but for me, having a new follower on my page doesn’t just give me joy, but a great excuse to get down and dirty.  That is, with my tools and clay, of course!

For those who don’t know what I am going on about, I have been working on this collection of small clay faces.  Each face represents a fan, hence each has a name.  Overall, they make up a big and ongoing project I have called, you guessed it:  facebook.

I see my facebook collection grow bigger and bigger with time.  Materializing a number on my facebook/computer screen really gives me an idea of the support and appreciation my fans have for the work I do.  To me, each face represents a person who believes in me.  Words cannot describe how proud (and responsible) that makes me feel!  Yet to cut it short, I can tell you that a new like gives meaning to my long working hours.  A new like encourages me to keep on going!

Below are some of the few pictures I’ve taken during the making of the collection, Facebook – to get back into the main topic, which is the clay faces!  I typically use clay with rough crashed stones, but because these sculptures are so small, I have chosen to use a softer kind of clay.


Though, I must say that no work is ever done in my studio unless I have my tools at hand…or in my hair!

2015-03-18 08.55.21

AND sculptures are never considered finished unless you cook them in the oven.  For now I have my faces drying out in my studio.

facebook faces

As for the moral of this story:  although LIKES are like kisses and handshakes (in the real world), don’t be shy to give a like to a page or product you like.  The receiver surely values your appreciation and time! 🙂

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