The Jane Hotel, in NYC: a stay in NYC’s past.

At last, at my final destination:  NYC!  I haven’t seen much of this famous and enchanting city, but the little I have seen has already impressed me!

I am staying in Manhattan, in a beautiful old building which houses The Jane Hotel, on Jane Street.  The neighborhood seems live and young…modern…a word that contrast the rich history of this area and the very own building I am staying at!

You see, The Jane isn’t an ordinary hotel.  It is a landmark in the city with lots of history.  The most important event it ever hosted was the one in 1912, when  the survivors of sinking ship, Titanic, stayed here while authorities carried out their investigations and such.

The Jane building is not ordinary hotel.  The rooms are tiny and once I entered mine, I felt I was walking back into history, back to the early1900’s when the building was constructed.  The Jane apparently was intended to be a sailor’s home…it is not wonder why I feel like I am staying in an old big boat…

I realize, as I sit here typing away, that my hotel in NY isn’t made of just bricks and mortar, but of history.  If this is how I start my trip, I cannot wait to see what more this beautiful city has in offer!

Corridors to a N Y C past!

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