New York city: ART

It seems like my trip to New York was long ago.  It just seems that time flies by faster than ever these days.   I have been swamped with work since day one of my return!  Yes, it is all good news and I am a happy artist!  However, it wouldn’t feel right to jump straight to talking about myself and my art, at least not before discussing the things I learned, in terms of art, in the big apple.

Before crossing the 10,000km distance between the little town I call home (Ascona), and New York city, I knew that art comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and interpretations.  After all, art is as individual as humans can be; not all art is equal!  I left home open minded.  Yet nothing could prepare me for the pieces of art I saw in New York.  The shows were nothing like I expected them to be:

I found my favorite pieces of art in the Chelsea district.  The area offers art for all art lovers.  Yet, as I found out, the art being offered by galleries is of very high standard and limited to art lovers who enjoy figurative art and portraits.  The best ones for me at least, were the “normal” ones, but the “twisted’ ones were also engaging pieces.  They more I saw a painting with a disliking subject, the more I felt elevated to understanding the meaning behind the first glance.

Watercolor..Agora gallery in Chelsie.

Watercolor piece in one of the many galleries in Chelsie.

Image of the works by very talented artist,

Image of the works by very talented artist, Lisa Yuskavage, whose work isn’t about sexual parts but about how society sees women, and their roles.

A nice portrait painting

A nice portrait painting in yet another gallery in Chelsea.

Hence, as I reviewed the photos of the pieces I was privileged to see during my visit to NYC, I can conclude that New Yorkers do like skillful artists who can deliver interesting work with a story behind them.

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