I had just to make my last hair stroke on my new portrait painting to count the work as officially finished.  As imagined by friends and family alike, my portrait painting is not a self portrait, but a personal study of someone else’s life.  It’s a painting I’ve named:  ephemerality.  This word can describe every stage of the work, as with each brush stroke the image was transformed to a new “being,” or a more recognizable being.  

The work itself is my own interpretation of the moment I was lucky to caught on my sitter.  The white background for me, represents her innocence and the purity of the image.  The white egg hanging from her ear lobe represents her fertility.  There is a ticking clock behind, in the background.  Unlike any other kid, this one is serious.  She’s aware, like myself, that time has tremendous powers and I, as an artist, I’m just an observant of ephemeral moments. Image


„Ticino through my window (Ticino attraverso la mia finestra).“

 Ciao a tutti,

Perdomo Artworks, e io, Carmen Perdomo, abbiamo il piacere di estendere il nostro invito a Lei, che ama l’arte ed il Ticino.

Venerdì 4 ottobre dalle ore 18.00, presso la galleria “Perdomo Artworks” di Ascona, inaugurerò la mia nuova collezione di dipinti “Ticino Through my window”.

L’idea – di guardare il Ticino attraverso una finestra – mi è venuta durante un viaggio di due anni fa ad Avignone, Francia. Dopo aver fatto un centinaio di fotografie alle mura ed al pavimento della sede papale di Avignone, provai a fare una foto alla città attraverso una vecchia finestra. Nel riguardare lo scatto mi sorpresi di quanto la distorsione che il vetro aveva prodotto riuscisse ad esaltare ancor di più la bellezza di quel posto. Dopodichè mi chiesi come sarebbe sembrata la mia di città, attraverso quel vetro. In quel momento decisi che, una volta tornata a casa, avrei fatto di tutto per avere un vetro come quello; fortunatamente lo trovai proprio in Ticino, a Tegna.

Fu così che, tra un dipinto e l’altro della mia prima collezione “Reflections of Ticino”, mi ritagliai del tempo per attraversare le diverse zone del Ticino col mio vecchio-nuovo compagno: il vetro “alla francese”.

Ticino through my window” include quadri di meravigliosi scorci del sotto e sopra ceneri ed è anche un tributo personale al simbolo della storia dell’arte ticinese, la fondatrice del “Museo di Arte Moderna di Ascona,” Marianna Werefkin.


Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

Carmen Perdomo.


LA  COLLEZIONE (12 dipinti):



Marianne Werefkin



Morning coffee






Morning in Gandria


Dove siamo:







A give away painting!


A give away painting!

This is a painting I entered for the competition Pittori in Piazza, back in July of this year. I am giving it away to the person who becomes a fan in my facebook page and then invites the most fans into this site (presses likes and tells me he/she is your friend). The competition is heated! So far, a lady from Ascona is winning the race! I give this painting away at end of this month. You have about 2 weeks to catch up so I hope you join in!

Competition, Pittore di strada, 2013

Last Saturday, I participated in the local art competition, Pittori di strada, here in Ascona.  I didn’t win any prize, but I had the opportunity to compete against many talented and also well known artists!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday.  I started the day fairly early.  I was in the town square (Ascona Piazza) at about 0830 with a freshly new canvas and palette at hand.  There were at least 10 names on the list of participants ahead of me when I got there.  At least 3 painters were claiming the best spots in the piazza:  under the shade of the big Sycamores.

A long, and challenging day was ahead of me.  Nevertheless, painting anything in under 8 hours wasn’t the biggest challenge of my life, but finding the perfect spot to paint on canvas was!

Ascona is a place I’ve called home for about 3 years.  Coffees at the piazza,and walks through the stony streets of this city are an every day thing for me.  I love this town!  Hence, I cannot say I prefer this place over another place in the city.

I went all over the city the day before the competition and settled for the view I painted in the end:  the port from bar 7.

I had many visitors during the time I stayed there painting.  In fact, a nice gentleman told me I had chosen the same view a famous Asconese artist had painted back in the ’60s!

In the end, we all handed our paintings for viewing.  I found it fascinating to see the many variations and interpretations of a one common subject.  In fact, no one said it better than the director of the Cultural department:  that day was the day when everyone can see the city in a new light and in many different views!

Ascona is a beautiful city and the competition made me realize how lucky I am to live here!  Below are pictures of the many spots I considered painting for the competition:Image ImageImageImage


This last picture is the image I ended up painting for the competition.  I hope you see now how hard it was to find THE perfect spot!!