The Red Boat of Gandria, Ticino.

I looked through my journal today, to try to find again, the how’s and the why’s,that gave rise to creation of “Red boat.”  This is what I found:

“Red Boat” will be part of my collection, “Ticino through my window.“  Today I discovered a small red boat in the port of Gandria, Ticino. Its beautiful red color wasn’t the only thing that demanded my attention, but also the gentle motion by which it rocked backwards and forward. A motion that made a squeaky sound to the touch of a tree branch just resting next to the boat.  “It looks as if they’re playing,“ I heard my inner voice saying.  “Perhaps the boat likes to be tickled by the arm of the tree, and that squeaky sound is the sound of the boat’s laugh!“ I smiled big. I walked down to the water, grabbed my glass from my backpack, grabbed my watercolors, and started sketching these funny playmates.


I unhooked this painting, took one last look at it, and said:  “So long!”

“Red boat is going to Australia to be appreciated and pampered by two happy new owners.  I couldn’t have asked for more!

What is an artist worth?

There is a quote by George Bernard Shaw that goes like this:  “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.”

And the world of art isn’t at all as glamorous as one could imagine it to be.  Before choosing art as my profession, I used to think that artists only painted when they “were inspired.”  I thought artists were paid to experiment with different techniques and different concepts to show us the world in a different light.  I thought making art was all one needed to do to be a real artist.

The reality is that in order to succeed as an artist, one needs to be a master in marketing, branding, and investing.  One may make the most beautiful, interesting pieces of art the world has ever seen, but what is this art good for without an audience?  There are many of us who think we have something to say to the world, and we patiently wait for the day someone sees the world we see.  No piece of art can be called “finished” unless it connects us with someone else, unless a “stranger” takes it home.  

The truth of the matter is that we fail the world, the Arts, and ourselves when we don’t do whatever possible to let our work be noticed.  The value of one’s dream, of one’s work, of one’s name, is the value one puts into that dream, into that work, and into that name.  Nothing comes for free.  Invest in your own dream and others will eventually invest in you and your dreams.  

In this cruel world there is no prince charming coming to buy your work….and that could make your world unbearable!


I had just to make my last hair stroke on my new portrait painting to count the work as officially finished.  As imagined by friends and family alike, my portrait painting is not a self portrait, but a personal study of someone else’s life.  It’s a painting I’ve named:  ephemerality.  This word can describe every stage of the work, as with each brush stroke the image was transformed to a new “being,” or a more recognizable being.  

The work itself is my own interpretation of the moment I was lucky to caught on my sitter.  The white background for me, represents her innocence and the purity of the image.  The white egg hanging from her ear lobe represents her fertility.  There is a ticking clock behind, in the background.  Unlike any other kid, this one is serious.  She’s aware, like myself, that time has tremendous powers and I, as an artist, I’m just an observant of ephemeral moments. Image


„Ticino through my window (Ticino attraverso la mia finestra).“

 Ciao a tutti,

Perdomo Artworks, e io, Carmen Perdomo, abbiamo il piacere di estendere il nostro invito a Lei, che ama l’arte ed il Ticino.

Venerdì 4 ottobre dalle ore 18.00, presso la galleria “Perdomo Artworks” di Ascona, inaugurerò la mia nuova collezione di dipinti “Ticino Through my window”.

L’idea – di guardare il Ticino attraverso una finestra – mi è venuta durante un viaggio di due anni fa ad Avignone, Francia. Dopo aver fatto un centinaio di fotografie alle mura ed al pavimento della sede papale di Avignone, provai a fare una foto alla città attraverso una vecchia finestra. Nel riguardare lo scatto mi sorpresi di quanto la distorsione che il vetro aveva prodotto riuscisse ad esaltare ancor di più la bellezza di quel posto. Dopodichè mi chiesi come sarebbe sembrata la mia di città, attraverso quel vetro. In quel momento decisi che, una volta tornata a casa, avrei fatto di tutto per avere un vetro come quello; fortunatamente lo trovai proprio in Ticino, a Tegna.

Fu così che, tra un dipinto e l’altro della mia prima collezione “Reflections of Ticino”, mi ritagliai del tempo per attraversare le diverse zone del Ticino col mio vecchio-nuovo compagno: il vetro “alla francese”.

Ticino through my window” include quadri di meravigliosi scorci del sotto e sopra ceneri ed è anche un tributo personale al simbolo della storia dell’arte ticinese, la fondatrice del “Museo di Arte Moderna di Ascona,” Marianna Werefkin.


Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

Carmen Perdomo.


LA  COLLEZIONE (12 dipinti):



Marianne Werefkin



Morning coffee






Morning in Gandria


Dove siamo:







A give away painting!


A give away painting!

This is a painting I entered for the competition Pittori in Piazza, back in July of this year. I am giving it away to the person who becomes a fan in my facebook page and then invites the most fans into this site (presses likes and tells me he/she is your friend). The competition is heated! So far, a lady from Ascona is winning the race! I give this painting away at end of this month. You have about 2 weeks to catch up so I hope you join in!