Art International Zurich

“Your work has been accepted,” were the only words passing through my (tired) brain, the day I discovered the jurors in the Art International Zurich had approved my application to participate in the 16th international art fair they are having this year.  I was over the moon!

Every Autumn, galleries and independent artists from all over the world, like migrating birds, make their way to one of the most important and beautiful cities in Switzerland:  Zurich.  The Congress Hall will house a wide range of contemporary artworks which have been carefully selected by its very own committee.  Exhibiting my work along work of other talented individuals in the heart of the historic centre of Zurich has me feeling very accomplished!

What contents me the most about this event is that I will be representing, through my paintings, the beautiful place I call home:  Ticino.  Without its stunning mountains, historical cities, history, and forests, I think I wouldn’t create the art I create!

The Art International Zurich is open to everyone with a passion for culture and the Arts.  “Reflections of Ticino,” and “Ticino through my window,” will both be displaying on the main floor of the hall, stand K27.

Some of the work in display are:

A series of reflections of the city of castles:  Bellinzona.

A series of reflections of the city of castles: Bellinzona.

Val Verzasca's favorite spot, ponte dei salti.  A reflection of it, on the river's rapids.

Val Verzasca’s favorite spot, ponte dei salti. A reflection of it, on the river’s rapids.

The very famous painting of the reflection of San Pietro and the promenade of Ascona.

The very famous painting of the reflection of San Pietro and the promenade of Ascona.

Morcote's promenade.  Image selected for the Art International Zurich catalogue.

Morcote’s promenade. Image selected for the Art International Zurich catalogue.

An interpretation of a little port, in Gandria, leading to lake Lugano at night.

An interpretation of a little port, in Gandria, leading to lake Lugano at night.

A little rustico (house made out of Ticinese stones) in Bosco Gurin in the winter time.

A little rustico (house made out of Ticinese stones) in Bosco Gurin in the winter time.

The typical local fruit in the area of Ticino:  Castagne.

The typical local fruit in the area of Ticino: Castagne.

The place I call home, and its beautiful houses looked from above.

The place I call home, and its beautiful houses looked from above.

If you are in the area and want to say hello, please visit ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH for more information.  I hope to see you there!!!

Life within a flower vase…

A plant in a vase, full of life!

A full of life sketch in my sketchbook.

The sunflowers of Ticino reminded me today, of my favorite artist, Van Gogh. He undeniably painted the most sticking, live and dead, sunflowers portraits.

To me, the most interesting aspect of Van Gogh paintings were not his subjects, but his own interpretation of life. Fresh sunflowers lift our spirits up, not because of their bright colors, but because they are alive. The opposite can be said about tired sunflowers that patiently await death in an empty vase. There, between the stench of rotten mold and death, lies an important reminder that life is truly short.

In honor of such truth, and wonderful flower painter, I filled in another page in my sketch book. My drawing is about life. It is a about a simple, plumped up, yet full of life plant that reminded today, to live life to the fullest!

The day “Morning coffee” is gone…



It is time to say goodbye to yet another piece of art created by my very own hands.

The sale of “Morning Coffee” brings joy and sadness all at the same time. This funny feeling does not end at the shaking of hands/dried ink sort of speak. Next week I’m putting the series down and I’m preparing myself to experience both joy and sadness simultaneously.

The memories of hot summer afternoons, overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Maggiore, sitting under the shade of trees older than history…all those things is what “Morning coffee” is to me.  The three, 1m x 0.70m canvases covered with all sort of patterns recreate the most beloved and visited spot of Ticino:  The piazza of Ascona.  To call the piazza of Ascona “popular” is an understatement.  Every sort of gathering happens in this piazza.  In the past, women are said to have come to the piazza’s shore to do some laundry, but I personally believe there was more chatting and little washing.  It’s in the nature of this spectacular piazza.  It seduces you to leave all shores behind you.  You can’t help but feel the need to love life as you see the peace and the beauty of the lake and its surrounding mountains.

This magical aspect, the one I discovered while sipping the so many latte macchiatos I’ve had at the piazza, is what I hoped to capture in my 3 paintings.  I seem not to be alone thinking I have succeeded in recreating a “happy feel” as soon as one lays eyes on these 3 paintings.

Here is a „last look“ at Morning coffee.  What is the end to long hours of work is a new beginning for yet other amazing paintings of this piazza.  And that’s the joyful part of selling art.  Thank you client!


Morning coffee 1.

Morning coffee 1.

Morning coffee 2.

Morning coffee 2.

Morning coffee 3

Morning coffee 3










Locarno Film Festival

Watching a film under an open sky, enclosed within the walls of the beautiful buildings surrounding the stony piazza grande, Locarno, is an experience, residents and visitors alike, look forward to enjoying every summer.

The excitement of magical warm nights in the piazza Grande, is not confined to this famous square. Not at all. Everyone is celebrating and honoring human creativity, Art, and cultural richness through different talks, events, and workshops.

This is why I’m so excited to announce that I will be joining in the celebration! I will be hosting a series of Ticinese aperitifs not only to honor Ticinese art, but also Ticinese culture.

I must say that preparing for these events is a lot of hard work, but also lots of fun. Looking for the best Ticinese ingredients for the aperitif has taken me down the road of discovery. I’ve learned a thing or two about the delicious Ticinese salametto, and have come to believe the best cheese in town comes from lonely wooden sheds along an isolated road up to some isolated valley.

What’d be better than a starry night to watch a good film, you’d ask? A Ticinese aperitif at Perdomo Artworks, I’d say!

About the events:

A Ticinese aperitif, with local artist Carmen Perdomo.


11, 12, and 13 of August, 2014. From 09:00 till 13:00.


Perdomo Artworks, @ Contrada Maggiore 6, 6612 Ascona.


By bus: take bus number 1 towards Ascona. Take bus stop in front of police station. Walk direction of the Post Office. Continue by foot on Via Borgo. Turn left on Contrada Maggiore. Turn right on Passaggio San Pietro. Bus ticket is about 3 chf.
Walking: from Piazza grande, walk towards the Visconteo Castle, pass the underpass (big roundabout) and continue towards Via della Moretina. Pass the bridge and continue towards Ascona. Walk towards the Post office, continue on Via Borgo. Turn left on Contrada maggiore. Turn right at Passaggio San Pietro.

Enhance your film festival experience, by seeing on canvas Ticinese landscapes, and eating, and drinking Ticinese local produce. Meet people with same interests. Connect, share, and discover art and culture.

The Red Boat of Gandria, Ticino.

I looked through my journal today, to try to find again, the how’s and the why’s,that gave rise to creation of “Red boat.”  This is what I found:

“Red Boat” will be part of my collection, “Ticino through my window.“  Today I discovered a small red boat in the port of Gandria, Ticino. Its beautiful red color wasn’t the only thing that demanded my attention, but also the gentle motion by which it rocked backwards and forward. A motion that made a squeaky sound to the touch of a tree branch just resting next to the boat.  “It looks as if they’re playing,“ I heard my inner voice saying.  “Perhaps the boat likes to be tickled by the arm of the tree, and that squeaky sound is the sound of the boat’s laugh!“ I smiled big. I walked down to the water, grabbed my glass from my backpack, grabbed my watercolors, and started sketching these funny playmates.


I unhooked this painting, took one last look at it, and said:  “So long!”

“Red boat is going to Australia to be appreciated and pampered by two happy new owners.  I couldn’t have asked for more!

The Birch trees of Val Bavona


The Birch trees of Val Bavona

There is something spectacular about Val Bavona, and it’s not just its popular 80 meters high waterfall in the town of Foroglio. Val Bavona offers more than that. There are trails with amazing views, and places where experienced and not so experienced climbers can enjoy some steep mountains. For me, Val Bavona has offered me more than beauty and entertainment:  it has given me the inspiration to create a new painting!
The Birch trees of Val Bavona, is now part of my collection: “Ticino through my window.” It depicts a forest of Birch trees along the famous trail of Cristallina.  It’s been fun recreating the colors and overall composition of a tiny ecological part of what’s one of the most beautiful valleys in the canton Ticino.

The door bells


The door bells

Today was labor day. I broke my daily routine and slept till 0730. I packed some fruit and prepared some sandwiches. I headed out to the mountains. I had an old friend of mine to keep me company. It’s been so long since I’ve done a good hike. We passed by a few rustici (stony old Ticinese houses) on our way up. I stopped to capture interesting objects people leave outside their houses. It’s interesting to see how many people leave a little of themselves in the things they choose to decorate their own space. The little buckets for example, caught my attention. I know they’re there to act as a door bell, but why the detail and the care to make them look beautiful? „Why not just a bell?“ I thought to myself.

Today was just beautiful. I felt happy. I realized how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by spectacular mountains, lakes, and good company. I returned home around 13:00 as I expected visitors. We couldn’t help but make figures out of paper. This sort of thing only happens when two painters meet for coffee…I think? We gave life to a mouse/cat/bunny (we couldn’t decide what that was!), two frogs, and a small boat. Meeting with friends is great fun, but I can’t wait till tomorrow. Something tells me I might…just might, finish my new painting!